welcomeThe loss of one’s pet, furry companion and family member, is an extremely emotional time. The shock and sorrow alone are a source of much grief for pet owners and quite difficult to bear. One of the last things you wish to think about while dealing with the loss of your pet is the care of your pet’s remains after death. However, after any loss, there is a decision you will need to make right away. At Pet and Animal Cremation Endearment, we specialize in taking the guess work out of the situation.

“Aftercare” refers to how you would like your pet’s remains handled. As difficult as this may be to address, it is something you must handle.

If your pet’s body is at your veterinarian’s office, they might be willing to hold the body for a day or two while you independently research and mill over a variety of uncomfortable options in a hurried emotional attempt to do what you deem at the time is best for your deceased pet. However, in some cases, there is not a way to store your dog’s body and a decision must be made right away.

At Pet and Animal Cremation Endearment, arrangements can be made for immediate pick-up of your pet from your home or veterinarian’s office for handling direct cremation. We also encourage the scheduling of a small funeral or private memorial service at our Detroit location for closure and the ability to properly say goodbye to your dear companion, rather than the rushed and hasty alternative of a busy veterinary clinical exam room.