Pet Portraits

Commemorative Pet Portraits by Keyshia

Celebrate and relive a captured moment of your best friend’s life, with an acrylic on canvas painting. What makes these portraits so special is that your beloved companion is not only the inspiration, but is also a part of the art.  Their cremains are merged with their portrait colors, creating a one of a kind artistic rendition of your favorite photo.

Your completed portrait will not only bring you comfort in your time of need, but will also allow you to reminisce about your most cherished memories you spent with your dearest friend.  Each brush stroke is applied with the same amount of love and compassion that you have for your pet.


Small: 8” X 10”   – $275.00
Medium: 12” X 16” – $375.00
Large: 24” X 30” – $475.00


Please E-Mail photo of pet to artist. You will receive a confirmation E-Mail once photo has been received, within the first 24 hours. If you do not receive a confirmation E-Mail, please contact PACE.  You also have the option of attaching a photo to your pet’s information sheet to the company.

Your pet’s portrait may take 2-3 weeks for completion, this may depend on the artist’s work load. The artist wants to make sure each portrait is handled with love and care, and to make sure they are not rushed.

Unfortunately, cremain pet portraits are only available for individual cremations. However, if you chose communal cremation for your pet and would still like a hand painted portrait, we are able to do so, but without the cremains.