Being Brave for Bailey

beingbraveforbaileyBeing Brave for Bailey is a children’s book written by an experienced veterinarian to assist grieving families through the healing process of losing a beloved pet. This book can also serve as an aid to explain to children that their pet’s time on this earth is limited and understand that every day they have with them is special.








American Veterinary Medical Association Guidelines for the Euthanasia of Animals

Please click on the link below to browse current AVMA policies and guidelines for the euthanasia of animals (2013 Edition). (PDF) formats are available for you.


American Veterinary Medical Association Guidelines for Pet Loss Support Services

Please click on the link below to browse the current AVMA information for the purpose of helplines, and things to consider when selecting or reaching out to a specific Pet Loss Support Helpline, Pet Loss Support Group and/or Internet Counseling.


Michigan State University College of Veterinary Medicine

The Pet Loss Support Hotline – #517-432-2696

Suite G-100
East Lansing, 48824-1314

Established in January 1994, this Michigan hotline provides a nonjudgmental outlet medium for petowners and animal lovers to express their feelings and concerns about the loss of their pet. The hotline is not only a local, but national educational resource available to the veterinary community concerning the human-animal bond. If you are struggling with grief or are unsure of how you will recover from the loss of a special pet, call: 517-432-2696 – Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday 6:30pm – 9:30pm Eastern


Additional Literature of Interest

Below you will find a collection of articles, published in the Journal of the American Veterinary Medical Association, that I have hand-selected, which specifically address individual concerns I have encountered with clients, pertinent questions asked of me and a wealth of information on a number of client-pet topics of general public interest.

Doctor prescribes pets to help elderly stay healthy and happy – A warming article about added benefits of pets.


More veterinarians offer hospice care for pets
– Over the past 20 years hospice care has become a viable alternative to euthanasia. From veterinary clinics to veterinary school student-run programs, the veterinary profession has continued to foster and develop new ways to care for terminally ill companion animals.



Pawspice an option for pets facing the end
– Although not for every pet owner, in home hospice care can honor the special relationship between pet owners and their pets.



Protecting pet hospice
– Pet hospice has grown in the past 20 years to offer a viable and dignified alternative to euthanasia in our terminally ill companion animals.



‘Animals helping people; people animals’
Delta Society to explore influence of animals on human health – A great article documenting the Delta Society and their assistance in helping to shift American conscience from pets as property to the undeniable bond-shared between animals and humans.



Bonds that last a lifetime – Planning for your pet’s future without your care.